‘Big Brother’ Winners: Where Are They Now?

If you love reality television and are a "Big Brother" fan, here is some information about past "Big Brother" winners and where are they now. While many have moved on to oblivion, there are a few that are still in the spotlight, so to speak. Find out what happened to the "Big Brother" winners and where they are now, especially the ones still in the spotlight.

Eddie McGee. Eddie appeared in and won season one of "Big Brother" that premiered in 2000. He has been in many television shows of the non-reality type such as "Law and Order," "CSI" and has also been in a music video as well.

Will Kirby. Will Kirby was a season two winner of "Big Brother" in 2001 and has become quite popular as a doctor on the show "Dr. 90210" and was asked to come back to be in the all stars version of "Big Brother" where he did very well in the game and made it to the top three. He is still close with Mike Malin and can be seen with him often.

Lisa Donohue. Lisa won season three in 2002 and didn't stop there with reality television. She has been on VH1's "For Love or Money," "Talk Show," "The Review" and many other shows as well as being the producer of a show called "Reality Unleashed." She has been in non-reality television as well and remains in the spotlight.

Adam Jasinski. Adam won season nine in 2008 and was in the spotlight in 2009 for a different reason; he was arrested for dealing drugs and tax evasion.

Mike "Boogie" Malin. Mike Boogie was the winner of season seven of "Big Brother" in 2006 and has been seen on VH1 as well as around town opening up numerous restaurants he has invested in. He still remains close to Will Kirby and they can often be seen together on shows and with their restaurants.

So there you have it, the most notorious "Big Brother" winners that are still in the spotlight. There are other winners of "Big Brother" but some are missing in action or have gone back to their normal lives, sans the spotlight.

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