Big Sur Camping Tips

There are a number of Big Sur camping tips when staying along the Central Coast of California, an area that is widely considered one of the most beautiful coastlines in the entire world. This area is located a few hours south of San Francisco off the Pacific Coast Highway and takes a bit of driving to get to along the narrow, relatively treacherous highway. However, the area is so popular that numerous tourists make the trip regularly throughout the year, reserving campsites or risking it without reservations. Check out this list of Big Sur camping tips below so you are properly prepared for this beautiful vacation.

  1. Bring warm clothes and a jacket. While you will be on the California coast and on the ocean, bring a jacket no matter what type of year you go, as it will be blustery and relatively chilly. Be sure to remember this camping tip above all others because if you don't have the proper clothing, you'll be incredibly uncomfortable during your entire camping excursion.
  2. Decide what type of camping experience you want. There are a wide variety of campsites in Big Sur with a number of different amenities, so another Big Sur camping tip should entail knowing what each campsite has available and how much you want to bring with you. For example, some campsites are just places that have dump stations, water hook-ups and grills, while others have restrooms, motels right beside them, restaurants and bars.
  3. Consider sleeping in your car. This is a good Big Sur camping tip, especially in the winter. It can be quite cold, wet and blustery that few tents can really deal with the weather, so you might want to camp in your car, which means you'll need to head to Big Sur in a car you can camp in.
  4. Only camp in designated camping areas. This camping tip is important for your safety when camping, as there are some treacherous areas off the highway that people may try to camp in from time to time. Do not camp in these areas, as you can get yourself into trouble or might even get a ticket from a local official.
  5. Do not collect any rocks, plants or animals. It is illegal to collect any rocks, plants or animals while in Big Sur on a camping trip. This is an important camping tip to follow if you don't want to get a ticket.
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