Biggest Boobs Ever

Hot women grab everyone's attention when these babes have the biggest boobs ever. Nothing beats a sexy woman with a lovely set of big boobs whether in magazines, TV or movies that take advantage of their awesome assets. An attention getter like no other helps compliment a gorgeous body and a sassy personality when striking a pose or portraying a bomb shell of a character. These ladies know how to take advantage of their ample traits whether at the red carpet or on-screen for viewers to admire. Theirs are treasures to behold and these hot women definitely do not disappoint their passionate fan base. 

  1. Christina Hendricks A gorgeous red head exploded on to the scene with the hit cable TV show "Mad Men" as the object of men's desires, Joan Harris. The fashions she wears at award shows and magazine shoots leave no doubt that she has the biggest boobs in the crowd. Her lovely chest can be admired in "Esquire" and "New York Magazine" as well as the Golden Globes awards show.
  2. Denise Milani The model from the Czech Republic may have the biggest boobs ever with a cup size at a staggering 34DDD. Her pictorials are the stuff of dreams like her donning the Wonder Woman costume to comic book geeks' delight. Her body of work can be admired in "COED Magazine" as well as her numerous online pictorials for her fans to enjoy.  
  3. Lucy Pinder A British model brings the big guns to all of her magazine shoots to the joy of her international fan base. Lucy has been on television from "The Weakest Link" and "Dream Team" plus respected brands like Ultimo and Sony PlayStation. Her credits include "Nuts Magazine," "Daily Star" and "Maxim" who take full advantage of her huge jugs.
  4. Maxi Mounds The Florida stripper earned the dubious distinction from the Guinness World Records for having the biggest fake boobs ever. Her torpedos measure at a whopping 36MM due to a controversial augmentation procedure using a polypropylene string. Maxi's success has come in the form of a book titled "The Maxi Mounds Guide to the World of Exotic Dancing."
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