Biggest Fish Ever Caught

What is the biggest fish ever caught? Well, the answer to this might depend upon what one wishes to call a fish. Are whales fish? If so, blue whales are the biggest fish ever caught. But, whales are not really fish, they are mammals, so that leaves them out. After that would come the sharks and other fish. Probably, at some point the very biggest fish ever caught was simply eaten by whoever caught it, records and world news have only been around a very short time considering how long man has fished the seas. There are records of some large fish being caught however, some world records, and some not recorded as such but perhaps the biggest of all time. Then there are the factors of fresh water and salt water, each could be considered to have its own biggest fish ever caught. This article will try and give some ideas about what might be considered the biggest fish ever caught, in various categories.

So, the biggest fish ever caught may include:

  1. Biggest Fish Ever Caught. In 2007 an 8.5 meter long (27' 10.64") 8.5 ton Whale Shark was caught, slaughtered and consumed in LIANJIANG, China. Since these are thought in many countries to be an endangered species this is not really considered a game fish however. It is though, perhaps the largest fish ever caught and recorded as being caught.
  2. Largest Freshwater "Game Fish" – In 2005 a 9 foot long 646 pound Catfish was caught in the Mekong River in northern Thailand. This catfish was caught by fishermen and eaten after it died, when an attempt to keep it alive failed.
  3. Largest Saltwater "Game Fish" – The current record  for what is normally considered a saltwater game fish goes to a Black Marlin caught by A.C. Glassell Jr. of Cabo Blanco Peru in August of 1953. The Black Marlin weighed in at a whopping 1560 lbs.

There are some of the biggest fish ever caught. Are they the biggest fish ever caught? Probably not, that honor most likely goes to some prehistoric caveman who caught some monster dinosaur fish. They are however, some of the biggest fish ever caught and recorded. Of course, you can find bigger fish that have been caught, just go to any large fishing shop, you will hear stories of fish caught and those which got away the size of which will amaze you. Enjoy your fishing.

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