Bill Clinton’s Dating History

There are only two other women mentioned as being part of Bill Clinton’s dating history before his marriage to Hillary Rodham. They are Marla Crider and Dolly Kyle Browning. Ms. Crider is mentioned in the book “State of a Union: Inside the Complex Marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton”, written by Jerry Oppenheimer; Ms. Browning is mentioned in Hillary Clinton’s book “Living History”, written by Mrs. Clinton herself. Further, Ms. Browning herself addressed the subject in an interview with Judicial Watch President Thomas Fitton.

Ms. Crider and Bill Clinton’s dating history is said to have begun in 1974, when Ms. Crider was attending the University of Arkansas as a political science major. At the time, she was working on Bill Clinton’s first campaign during his first try for political office.

According to Mr. Oppenheimer’s book, Ms. Crider felt an immediate attraction to Bill Clinton, and felt that she could “intervene” in the relationship between him and Hillary while the latter was in Washington working on the Watergate committee. The book goes on to say that when Hillary heard of the relationship, she displayed jealousy, and later sent one of her brothers to “run off” Ms. Crider. According to Mr. Oppenheimer, Ms. Crider states that the brother was sent to occupy all of her time so that she could have no contact with Bill Clinton.

According to Mr. Oppenheimer’s book, Ms. Crider, at a later time when she was still working for Bill, described a letter she saw that had been written by Hillary to Bill. Ms. Crider states that the letter spelled out a 20-year political plan that Hillary intended for her and Bill to fulfill—one that made no mention of “a home, family, or marriage.” It was Ms. Crider’s realization that the “pact” between Bill and Hillary was so strong that caused her to end the relationship once and for all.

Ms. Browning’s dating history with Bill overlapped that of Hillary, as both she and Hillary were dating Bill in 1974. In addition, the interview quotes Ms. Browning as saying that Hillary was “aware of” Ms. Browning in 1972, when Bill was attending Yale and also running George McGovern’s campaign. Ms. Browning also admits to continuing to be a part of Bill’s dating history as she was “floating around” and had dinner at the Clinton’s dinner table after the Clintons had married.


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