Billiard Cue Tips

These basic billiard cue tips are essential as the other techniques you may learn along the way. Like any tool, when kept in good shape, your game will go better. Further, use a cue stick that is right for you.

  1. Types of Billiard Cues: The tiny piece of leather, or plastic in lower-end billiard cue stick, is the cheapest part of all the cue supplies. While everyone has an idea of which brand and style is best to use, what is important is that it is what works for you. Some prefer it smooth, others rough, and there are other tools to shape it accordingly. Before buying your own cue stick, try out different cue tips to find which suites your billiards playing style.
  2. Chalk the Billiard Cue: A clean billiard cue tip makes for disaster in playing billiards. The chalk ensures the tip will not slide off the contacts point as the cue tip hits the ghost ball. Too clean of a tip could spell disaster in your game. The chalk cannot be overused, make it routine to chalk the top before every shot.
  3. Using Buffers, Prickers and Shavers: Do not over use buffers, scrapers, or prickers to shape the texture of your billiard cue tip. Each one wears away the tip when used. Use a coin such as a nickel as a guide to form the curve of the tip. This curve is essential for hitting the ghost ball correctly. If the leather or plastic is new, it will be flat on the tip. When properly shaped, the cue tip will have the same curve as a nickel held up flat along the side of it.  
  4. Holding the Billiard Cue Stick: Handling the billiard cue stick as an art form and each person has their own special sweet spot when holding it and special method of making the bridge hand. in general, arrange your bridge hand in a way that line the cue tip head on to the center point of the ghost ball. the farther down the cue stick you hold you hand, the faster and harder you will hit the ghost ball.  build a good bridge and be cognizant of where on the cue stick your hand lays as well as how you hold your elbow and how hard you trust the stick.
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