Billiard Table Lighting Tips

Learning some billiard table lighting tips will be essential when it comes time to purchase a light for your pool table. It is also an important purchase when you consider the importance that good light gives when you play a game of pool. Here are some tips when you are choosing billiard table lights.

  1. Ensure the light will cover the entire pool table. Take note of the size of your billiard table. This will be important when you purchase a light, so that it will cover the entire surface of the table. Five inches of light fixture for every twelve inches of the pool table is a general rule of thumb.  At any rate, the light should cover the full surface length of the table.
  2. Consider a halogen light. Halogen lights are preferred by many to produce a white light, instead of the yellow light found in ordinary rooms. Consider this to help brighten the surface and give better visibility.
  3. Install the billiard table light at the proper height. Indeed it can be confusing to consider the correct height for the light to be installed. Most players find that three feet is adequate to give enough room, both in regards to room to play on the table and in regards to providing enough light for the playing surface.
  4. Obtain advice from a professional. Many players unfortunately overlook the importance of the purchase and its installation. If you are unsure of what light you need for your billiard table, or aren't sure if you can install the light, don't be afraid to ask or pay a professional. This is an important purchase for your pool table, indeed.



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