Billiard Table Repair Tips

If your pool table is looking old and worn, then a few billiard table repair tips just may come in handy. Just because the ball no longer rolls correctly, or because the felt is worn and torn, does not mean that you have to junk your table. Billiard tables are expensive, so spending an afternoon or two repairing one is well worth the investment. In fact, a few of these billiard table repair tips can be completed in a matter of just a few hours.

To repair your billiard table you may need:

  • Felt
  • Staple Gun
  • Bees Wax or Billiard Table Repair Glue
  • Billiard Cushioning
  • Sand Paper
  1. Replace the felt. One of the most common repair jobs on a billiard table is the replacement of the felt. While this is not a job you should take lightly. It is something you can accomplish in a single afternoon.  Simply remove the rails and the old felt. Clean the surface, making sure to remove any old adhesive and staples. Stretch the new felt across the surface of the pool table and staple it to the sides. Make sure you keep the felt tight and even as you staple.
  2. Fix cracks and chips in the slate. If the ball is not rolling evenly across the table, this is probably due to an uneven playing surface, caused by slight imperfections in the slate. To fix this, remove the old felt. Inspect the surface for any imperfections. Even small little cracks can alter the path of a ball. Using a bees wax or special billiards table repair glue or wax, fill in the cracks. Make sure you remove any excess and ensure that the surface is smooth before you reattach the felt.
  3. Repair the billiard table rails. The billiard table rails are cushioned, causing the billiard balls to bounce at the proper angles and get the right reaction. When these become worn, replacing the cushions is one more billiard table repair you will need to do. This is relatively easy. Requiring you to remove the rails and the felt covering the them. Remove the cushions that are attached to the rails and sand the area thoroughly. Then  attach the new cushions; you may have to cut them to size.
  4. Refinish the surface of the billiard table. If your billiard table has a wood surface, it will become worn over its life time. Refinishing the wood is a great billiard table repair that will make your table look brand new. Just sand and strip off the old finish; and apply new stain and finish. When done right, your billiard table will sparkle.
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