Billy Mays Products

There are a lot of Billy Mays products on the market today. These are products that Billy Mays would supposedly endorse. During his life he worked as a pitchman (doing advertising pitches) for several products. Some of the most popular products include:

  1. The Big City Slider is Billy Mays's mini burger making station. It has non-stick surfaces and is made out of high grad aluminum. All you have to do is scoop your turkey, chicken or veggie burger mixture onto the pan, press down the lid and cook it on any stove. In just minutes you will have five sliders. A recipe guide comes with it so you can make some delicious creations like those with blue cheese or BBQ, bacon and cheddar. You will also get a quick prep slicer with this purchase so that you can quickly prepare things like pickles, onions, mushrooms and more. In the end you will have a quick, easy, fun dinner.
  2. Heeltastic is a rub-on antibacterial, antifungal balm that Billy Mays says gets rid of rough, dry skin on your heels and feet. The ingredients penetrate deep into your feet in order to soothe the dry skin, relieve itching and soften your heels and feet but are gentle enough that you can use several times each day. It is also supposed to work on your knees, elbows and cuticles. Regardless of where you use the product, you are supposed to see results in days.
  3. The Hercules Hook is Billy Mays's easy way to hang anything from pictures to shelves (anything weighing up to 150 pounds) on your walls. You simply twist, push and turn this steel hook into your wall. There is no drilling, pounding or trying to find a stud.
  4. The Jupiter Jack is said to work in any car without any plugs, wires or hands. Billy Mays says that this compact, portable phone jack will transmit your call through the speakers in your car so you will be able to safely talk and drive at the same time. You simply need to plug the Jupiter Jack into your phone and preset your radio to 99.3 FM.
  5. Mighty Mendit is Billy Mays's flexible bonding agent that will grab, adhere and interlock the fibers on any fabric in order to permanently repair it. Instead of spending a lot of time sewing, simply apply, touch and mend. This makes it really easy to repair furniture, fix curtains without taking them down and mend anything else you need to mend. Billy Mays says that he bonding agent will then dry crystal clear, making it safe for almost all types of fabric. It is also machine washable and will remain strong regardless of how many times it is washed.
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