Birdman Tattoos

Want to know about BIrdman tattos? Birdman is one of the most famous rappers in history and Birdman has many tattoos on his body. Some of the tattoos are in unusual places, such as his head and legs. Birdman owns his own record label as well as raps. He is one of the best rappers in the game today and his tattoo's show that. The following is a list of Birdman's tattoos and where they are on his body.

  1. Cash Money: The words "Cash Money" appear on Birdman's right hand in black lettering and in italics. These two words are symbolic of the label that Birdman owns, called Cash Money. Cash Money is home to many famous artists, including Birdman himself. This tattoo is relatively simple in style, but it has quite the meaning to Birdman himself.
  2. Red Star: Birdman has shaved his head for years now and he finally decided a few years ago to take advantage of the bare skin on his head. Birdman decided to tattoo a bright red, giant star on the middle of his head. The star literally covers almost the entire are of his skull and the outside is shaded in black. This tattoo was more for fun that to be symbolic of anything.
  3. Lil' Wayne: On the left side of his upper chest, there is a picture of Lil' Wayne. The tattoo is just the head and shoulders of Lil' Wayne, but it is quite symbolic of what Lil' Wayne means to Birdman. Lil' Wayne was taught by Birdman and brought up through the ranks in Cash Money. Lil' Wayne is one of the most successful "students" of Birdman.
  4. Mother: Right below the tattoo of Lil' Wayne's face is another face tattoo. This tattoo however, is a picture of Birdman's mother. Birdman's mother meant a lot to him, which is why he choose to tattoo a smaller picture of her on his body. This tattoo is only black, with no colors filled in. The tattoo is very beautiful and symbolic to Birdman.
  5. Raindrops: In between each of Birdman's knuckles are tattoo's of teardrops. The teardrops are outlined in black and not filled in. There has been much speculation as to what exactly the raindrops represent. However, the most common theory is that Birdman tattooed a raindrop for each person that was close to him that has passed away.
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