Birth Control Questions To Ask Your Doctor

The top birth control questions to ask your doctor include those very important questions which can alter your sexual behavior. It is important when being in a committed relationship (hopefully) with your wife or girlfriend who is taking birth control that you ask any question you think you have to. Like with any other medical drug, if something that is chemical is ingested, it is only in your best interest that you know exactly everything associated with it.

  1. Can Pulling out of my Girlfriend's Vagina Before I Ejaculate Work as a Form of Birth Control? Ahhh, the old withdrawal method. The top birth control question to ask your doctor is also said to be the oldest form of supposed birth control in human history. Just think of it. For most of human history, there were no condoms or birth control pills, so men who wanted to have the indulgent and succulent pleasure of sexually feasting on a woman, but without those nagging responsibilities of fatherhood, just thought to pull their penis out before actual ejaculation. However, this form of birth control is very undependable because of pre-ejaculation fluid, which can still get the woman pregnant in a hurry.
  2. Can Condoms Rip? This is such an important question about birth control to ask your doctor because of the widespread misconception out there that condoms are a 100 percent safe form of birth control. But, however, they can rip if they are beyond the expiration date. Further, they can also rip if you—in your possessed and animalistic urge to have sex right there, right then—put the condom on improperly or in a hurry. Ripping can also occur if you or your sexual partner are too aggressive or frisky and therefore rip the condom with your teeth or nails.
  3. What About a Male Birth Control Pill? Science is getting closer to a male version of the birth control pill, so this is something you definitely ought to inquire about. For the first time in…ever…men finally are approaching parity with women in the all-important area of birth control! In the near future, male contraceptives ought to be flooding the marketplace, and that's not all. In addition, there are also creams, patches and implants—again, believe it or not—all for guys that will also make their way to the marketplace in the near future.



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