Birth Order Personality Traits

There are a number of birth order personality traits that you may have developed based on when you were born compared to your other siblings. Those who are the eldest child often differ from the babies of the family. Find your birth order placement below to learn more about yourself.

  1. First Born Children People who are born first hold important birth order personality traits. As the eldest children, they often have to take care of younger siblings and have a strong sense of leadership. They also often have a caregiver personality and are prone to perfectionism. They tend to be more old-fashioned or traditional compared to younger siblings. They often hold great ambition and are represented in fields that require leadership and confidence.
  2. Middle Children There can be quite a bit of variance with middle children, in part because there are several types (such as the third born child versus the fifth born child in larger families). They often have an easygoing personality and seek to differentiate themselves from the eldest child, which defines their birth order personality. They are usually more flexible and free-spirited than the eldest children in their families. Middle children often shun conventions and instead pursue less stereotypical jobs as artists or entrepreneurs.
  3. Last Born Children As the babies of the family, these types of people usually have birth order personality traits built around sociability. They have a strong social life and seek to find their own unique identity apart from all of their older siblings. They can sometimes be prone to immaturity due to their place as the “baby,” but often entertain others when they’re in the spotlight. They are the most likely to have trouble spending their money wisely when they grow older.
  4. Only Children These types of people hold many of the birth order personality traits of first born children. They tend to be leaders and often hold greater maturity for their age, since they are used to interacting with adults rather than younger siblings. They also are perfectionists like first born children and may be too critical of themselves. Only children can have trouble sharing the spotlight and might hold more selfish personality aspects.
  5. Twins These types of people are rare, but twins hold very unique birth order personality traits since they are tied together in birth order with another person. One of the twins usually develops more leader-like personalities, while the other develops more easygoing, follower-like traits. One twin might feel competition with the other twin for the spotlight, or twins might become so absorbed in their unique bond that they have trouble defining themselves apart from their twin.
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