Black Eyed Peas Members

Have you ever wondered what the Black Eyed Peas members have done outside of the group? All four members are extremely versatile and have ventured into other endeavors besides being a part of the Black Eyed Peas. Some created solo careers, and others took a stab at acting. The multi-Grammy winning band is still currently in tact, and songs they create become instant hits across the airwaves. All of the Black Eyed Peas members are known by their stage names, and are rarely referred to by their birth names. They worked hard to gain their current status, and all of them are much more than just a Black Eyed Peas member. 

  1. Fergie. Before becoming a Black Eyed Peas member, Stacy Ann Ferguson was part of the female band Wild Orchid. During that time she started modeling for Bongo and Guess. Fergie left the band once they found out their third album would not be released, and became a backup singer in the Los Angeles area. It was at one of her gigs that she met Black Eyed Peas member which led to her becoming part of the group. In 2006, after the Black Eyed Peas rose to fame she embarked on a successful solo career. She is not letting her solo career take over, and she is still currently an active Black Eyed Peas member.
  2. This Black Eyed Peas member is not only the front man, but also the bands producer. He was born William James Adams, but goes by his stage name He was born in 1975, and before starting the group he attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. After the Black Eyed Peas became a success he started producing tracks for other artists including, Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson. He created the Emmy winning song "Yes We Can," which went on to become President Obama's unofficial campaign theme song. 
  3. Taboo. Born Jamie Luis Gomez, this Black Eyed Peas member is publicly known by his stage name Taboo. Born in 1975, he was born of Mexican-American and Native American (Shoshone) descent. In 1995 he joined the Black Eyed Peas, which was then known as Alley Cats. Since then Taboo has branched out into other entertainment ventures. His songs have been featured the movie soundtracks for, "Legally Blonde," "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle," and "Barbershop 2." Taboo's first acting role was in the movie "Dirty." He has also been featured in the movies, "Cosmic Radio," and "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li." He is close with the other Black Eyed Peas members, and it showed when and were groomsmen in his wedding.
  4. His real name is Allan Pineda Lindo, but this Black Eyed Peas member goes by, or Apl O. He was born in the Philippines, and has a mixed nationality consisting of Filipino and African-American. His mother and stepfather wanted a better life for him, so they allowed an American to adopt the then fourteen year-old Allan. and his adoptive family moved to the U.S. which sparked life events to make him an eventual Black Eyed Peas member. Since co-founding the hip-hop group he has become involved with charities. In 2004 he was honored at a special Sony Studios dinner as Person of the Year. The charaties he works with are, Amnesty International and the Rainforest Foundation.
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