Blackberry Curve T8900: Tips And Tricks

Looking for Blackberry Curve T8900 tips and tricks? The Blackberry Curve T8900 is a smartphone that has a nicely sized QWERTY keyboard. The below tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your Blackberry Curve T8900.

  1. Locking the Keyboard. When you have your Blackberry Curve T8900 in your pocket or in its case, you don't want to accidentally be pushing buttons on your keyboard. BlackBerry has made it easy for you to lock the keyboard. To lock the keyboard on your Blackberry Curve T8900, press the A and Send key at the same time. You can also unlock the keyboard by pressing the same keys.
  2. Locking your Blackberry Curve T8900. If there are times when you need to leave your Blackberry Curve T8900 unattended and you want to ensure that no one is using your phone, you can completely lock the phone. If you are doing this for the first time, click on Lock from the Home screen or applications list and you will be guided through a process to set up a password. To unlock your Blackberry Curve T8900 after you have your password set, simply type in the password and press the Enter key.
  3. Calendar. Your Blackberry Curve T8900 comes equipped with a powerful calendar that can be used to schedule your appointments. When you have the calendar open on your Blackberry Curve T8900, you can schedule an appointment by pressing the C key. There are also several ways to view your calendar. To view your calendar by day, press the A key. To view your calendar by week, press the W key. To view your calendar by month, press the M key. You can also move your calendar to a specific date by pressing the G key and entering the date on the screen that appears.
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