Bladder Infection Home Remedies

Bladder infection home remedies are designed to treat that awful burning sensation when you urinate. Bladder infections often occur more in women than men. Over half of women will have a bladder infection during their lifetime and many will have more than one. Bladder infections are caused by bacteria in the vagina that set up house in the urethra. Here are some home remedies to make bladder infections more pleasant to deal with.

  1. Fluids– Many women believe that if they don’t drink anything they won’t have to urinate. But this is a bad idea because if you don’t urinate, the bacteria will accumulate. Drinking lots of fluids will flush out bacteria. If your urine is clear, it indicates you are drinking enough.
  2. Hot Bath– A hot bath is a great home remedy for a bladder infection. It helps in relieving the burning and itching. A hot bath also helps with any inflammation.
  3. Cranberry Juice– Many women are familiar with this home remedy when they have a bladder infection. You should drink at least eight ounces a day. Be sure it is 100% cranberry juice. Drinking cranberry juice can also prevent further bladder infections.
  4. Blueberries– Eat blueberries or drink unsweetened blueberry juice. Blueberries have antioxidants in them which help the immune system. They also have compounds that help with bladder infections.
  5. Vitamin C– Vitamin C is not just for cold prevention, but taking 1,000 milligrams per day helps acidify the urine. Taking Vitamin C is helpful in women who have recurring bladder infections. Since this is a high does of Vitamin C, consult your doctor first.
  6. Vinegar– A great home remedy for an annoying bladder infection is a cocktail drink. This cocktail doesn’t contain alcohol but calls for 2 teaspoons of apple cider with one teaspoon of honey in a glass of water. The vinegar will raise the acidity in the urine and the honey will mask the taste of the vinegar.
  7. Wiping Correctly– This is pretty much common sense but be sure you wipe front to back when going to the bathroom. Wiping the opposite way brings bacteria to the vagina. It will also cause repeat infections.
  8. Fruits and Vegetables– A great home remedy for a bladder infection is to eat your veggies. You want to stick with foods that contain sulfur such as asparagus, spinach and rhubarb. Also foods that are high in acid such as lemons help with bladder infections.
  9. Pads Not Tampons– It has not been proven why, but it seems that wearing pads instead of tampons helps stop reinfection. It has been known that any object in the vagina creates more infection. This is also true with sex or inserting a diaphragm.
  10. Hygiene– Good hygiene is really common sense but it is one of the best home remedies for bladder infections. Wearing cotton underwear and not wearing tight pants helps give some breathing room. Also shower often.
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