Bleeding During Sex Causes

Bleeding during sex causes can stem from any number of medical issues. Sometimes it is an issue with the cervix while other times, it can be a disease with a side effect of bleeding during sex. It's important to research what is happening with your body to try and understand other medical factors that can attribute to the bleeding.

  1. Cancer cells. There can be the issue of precancerous cells in the cervix. Typically, precancerous cells do not bleed, however, if those precancerous cells are caused by HPV (Human Papillomavirus), bleeding during sex can occur. It's important to get a pap smear to make sure that the bleeding is or is not caused by this virus. An endocervical curettage may be necessary as well. This is a test that can scrape the inside of the cervix and test the cells for any abnormalities. 
  2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Some sexually transmitted diseases can cause bleeding during sex. Diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea are known for causing bleeding during sex as a side effect. These diseases can cause the cervix to become infected which results in bleeding. A simple urine test can be taken in order to find out if you have these diseases or not.
  3. Cervical Ectropion. This condition is seemingly harmless, but its results can cause bleeding during sex. Cervical ectropion is a condition where the cells that are normally found inside the cervix are also found outside of the cervix. The outside cells can become inflamed and irritated due to the higher acids of vaginal secretion. When these cells are touched, as in during sex or a pap smear, they can start bleeding.
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