Bleeding From Rectal Area Treatment

Bleeding from rectal area treatment may include some home remedies for hemorrhoids and anal fissures to being referred to a hospital or physician for diagnosis and treatment. Bleeding from the rectal area could be caused my many illnesses and diseases such as: hemorrhoids, anal fissures, infections, colon polyps, colon cancer, rectal cancer, diverticular disease, angiodysplasia, tumors and from eating a foreign which may damage the stomach lining and therefore cause bleeding. Rectal area treatment will depend largely on the disease as you can see there are minor causes for rectal bleeding and major causes such as cancer.

Hemorrhoid Treatments. Hemorrhoids are both painful and bothersome, but in the majority of cases, hemorrhoids are not life threatening.  Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the lower area of the anus or rectum.  Hemorrhoids can be internal and external. Some of the treatments for the bleeding rectal area are to take several sitz baths, treat the constipation problem and to use suppositories containing creams. If these simple remedies do not stop the problem then the advice of a physician may be necessary. The medical treatments may include rubber band ligations, laser, injections and coagulation or sclerotherapy.

Bleeding Rectal Area Treatments for Anal Fissures.  Anal fissures are small tears in the anus lining that are called anal fissures. Anal fissures are most commonly caused by constipation and trying to pass hard stools by grunting. Anal fissures are most commonly treated with a proper diet with fiber, stool softeners and warm stiz baths. Medical treatment may include prescription creams and medications to relax the muscles.

Excessive Bleeding in the Rectal Area Causing Hospital Stay. In some cases these minor bleeding ailments can turn into major problems. Colon polyps should be removed to reduce the chance of cancer. Some colon cancers develop from years of having colon polyps, so their removal is recommended. To treat excessive bleeding in the rectal area the patient must be hospitalized so the condition does not become life threatening.  The physician will attach an IV and insert fluids and medications to normalize vital signs. Depending on the condition of the patient, the physician may prescribe surgery, test to verify it is not cancer and medications to treat the rectal area.

Treating Cancer Patients with Bleeding Rectal Areas. Bleeding in the rectal area for patients with cancer must first be treated internally.  In other words a natural remedy for the eradication of cancer will stop the bleeding. The patient must decide the course of action of either natural or chemo. The natural remedies are becoming more popular these days which would include a raw diet with no meat, fiber and lots of fruits and veggies. Some natural medicines such as Nigella sativa have proven to be very successful in cancers in the early stages.

Minor Bleeding May be Normal in Some Cases. If the blood is bright red and is noticeable on the toilet paper or in the stool, do not panic. Check the stool for a few days and if the blood continues and turns brown or maroon color then there should be more concern and possibly a doctor’s visit.  Always try to eliminate the worse possibility so you do not wait too long.  If it is cancer, the sooner the treatment begins the better.

Summary of Rectal Bleeding Treatments. The doctors or hospitals have many ways to first diagnose why the patient is bleeding and then once the diagnosis is finished, the treatment for the bleeding rectal area can begin.  Bleeding rectal area is one of the scariest that the human sees. It can be dangerous in some cases and should be checked by a professional or hospital to eliminate any life threatening problems.

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