Blue Balls Cure

If you’ve ever gotten overexcited on a date and ended up with aching testicles (more commonly known as blue balls), you might want to know a blue balls cure. When you become excited, the blood sends out signals to the neurovascular bundles that lead to the entire genital area. These signals cause a chemical chain reaction that allows the smooth muscles of the arteries to relax, which allows blood to flow in. The veins become constricted, increase the blood pressure, and cause the penis to become erect. After orgasm, the opposite process occurs; the veins open up, and blood flow becomes normal again. If this does not happen, blue balls may occur.

Things you may need:

  • a cold shower
  • a hot bath
  • a good porn movie
  • a sexual partner
  1. One of the ways to release the blood flow if orgasm does not occur is masturbation. The orgasm will relieve the swelling of the penis and eliminate the vasocongestion. The testes will then descend into a relaxed scrotum. If possible, ask your partner if you can use the restroom and masturbate privately. If masturbation is not possible at the time, be patient. The pain from your blue balls will subside in usually thirty minutes to an hour. Remember, having blue balls is not fatal.
  2. Masturbating to a good porn movie helps to relieve the constriction in the vessels and allow normality in the blood flow.
  3. A good hot bath may help to relax the testicles and bring relief.
  4. A cold shower or even a cold object on the testicles may help to relieve the ache.
  5. An even better way to cure your blue balls is to have sex with your partner. It is important for you to orgasm to relieve the pressure, otherwise the testicles will continue to ache and be even more uncomfortable. One theory is the ache occurs because the testicles have a lot of nerves and are very sensitive to pain. Another theory is the testicles do not receive enough oxygen which causes them to hurt.
  6. According to the Pediatrics Journal, straining to lift a heavy object can cure blue balls by causing the blood vessels to constrict because of increased pressure on them. This creates something like a Valsalva maneuver and resets the vascular balance.