Blueprint Cleanse

If you’re looking to lose a few pounds or just do something to make yourself feel a bit better, then give Blueprint Cleanse a try. For ages people have been using liquid diets as a way to drop weight and cleanse the body from unwanted toxins. Blueprint Cleanse is just the latest version of this long standing tradation. Blueprint Cleanse is a a series of raw juices that you drink for three to six days that flushes the toxins from your system. The combination of juices are formulated to clean your system while providing your body with all of the nutrients needed to keep your body going. Where most liquid cleanse systems are one size fits all programs, Blueprint cleanse has different levels of intensity. The different intensity levels are there to make sure you don’t take on more than you handle and makes it easier to stick with the plan. At $55 to $105 per day, you can definitely make the argument that it can be more cost effective to buy a blender and create your own raw juice cleanse. But if you have the spare cash lying around, using Blueprint Cleanse could be the first step to a new you.

  1. Get ready for a serious cleanse. Like any new diet or exercise routine the most important part of the Blueprint Cleanse is to be prepared. Using the Blueprint Cleanse can rid your body of toxins, but getting rid of those toxins can have some pretty nasty side effects; headaches, diarrhea and hives are just a few of the nasty side effects that can plague you if you walk into the Blueprint Cleanse unprepared. Start phasing out red meat, booze and caffeine three days before you start the Blueprint Cleanse.
  2. Pick your cleanse. The Blueprint Cleanse has three different levels; Renovation, Foundation and Excavation. If you’re new to cleansing then you may want to start out with the Renovation cleanse. This is a Blueprint Cleanse for beginners that want to clean out their system and lose a few pounds without doing anything too drastic. The next step in the Blueprint Cleanse is the Foundation cleanse. Where the Renovation cleanse is designed to help people who may not have the best eating habits, the Foundation cleanse is designed for those who are active and eat well regularly and just want a little extra boost to their routine. The Excavation is the final level of the Blueprint Cleanse. It’s the most intense level of cleansing. Unlike the other two levels, the Excavation claims to be able to clean out every cell in your body. .
  3. Drink up kids. So you’re all prepped and you’ve picked your Blueprint Cleanse; it’s time to say farewell to solid food and say bottoms up. Follow the directions, then come with your Blueprint Cleanse and drink your juice in the order that they’re numbered. But if you forget the directions or forget what number of juice you’re supposed to be on, just make sure you drink one juice every hour and drink your last juice two hours before bed.
  4. Be prepared for withdrawals. The worst part of going through any process is the withdrawals. After a lifetime of booze, red meat and what other foods you’ve shoved into your body over the years, removing them from your body using the Blueprint Cleanse can be a shock to the system. The shock of the chemicals leaving your body can cause some pretty nasty headaches, but drinking a little green tea will take the edge off of your headaches and make your Blueprint Cleanse pain free.
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