BMS: How To Bronco

BMXing is an extreme sport that involves many tricks in the air and on the land such as BMX: how to bronco. Imagine a horse that bucks a rider off. This is what a bronco will look like. There are a few steps in the process of doing a bronco, but both preparation and execution are important.

  1. Safety is first. As in most extreme sports, it is very important to wear your safety gear. In some states, it is law to have a helmet on when riding any kind of bike. When performing free style tricks on your BMX, this is never more important. Other gear could include knee and elbow pads, shin guards, and for the fellows, a cup.
  2. Start out slow. When attempting a new stunt, it is good to always take it slow. Start out on level land, with room to move. Take your time, and learn the bronco stunt before you start testing your ability and experimenting with your style of the bronco. As with any other extreme sport, adding your own style to the stunts you perform will make that stunt your own.
  3. Start your roll. Once you build up your confidence, it is time to bronco. Stand straight up on your bike. Firmly grip your handle bars and bend your knees. Pulling the handle bars up, jump straight up on the bike. This will pull the whole bike off the ground in a bunny hop motion. Quickly push down on the front of the bike while it still heading up into the air, forcing the rear of the bike to rise higher then the front of the bike.
  4. Returning to the earth. All that is left is landing. Push back down on the pedals with the same force as you did on the handle bars. This will cause the back of the bike to lower faster now then the front of the bike. With a smooth motion, allow the front tire of the bike to make contact to the ground once your rear tire has made contact. Then ride to a stop and take pride in your accomplishment.


"Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2: Official strategy guide" by Doug Walsh


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