BMX: How To Turn Down

Would you like to learn how to turn down on a BMX bike? The turn down is a BMX trick of moderate difficulty. When you do a turn down, you are turning the handlebars of your BMX bike by approximately 180 degrees while turning your head so that you are facing the back of your BMX bike while you are jumping.

  1. Speed. In order to perform the turn down, you will need to be moving at a moderate speed. If you are moving too slowly, you will not be able to successfully complete the jump. Generally speaking, the faster you are moving on your BMX bike, the higher your turn down jump will be.
  2. Jumping. As you are going off of the ramp with your BMX bike to complete a turn down, you will need to pull up on your handlebars and kick your BMX bike out to either side of your body. To begin turning your handlebars, move your hand in whichever direction you have kicked your BMX bike out to. To continue with the turn down, you will need to extend your legs so that they are straight. To get the handlebars to move 180 degrees, extend your other arm and push down on the handlebars. Once your handlebars have rotated, you can turn your head so that you are facing the back of your BMX bike.
  3. Landing. The final step in completing a turn down is to land your BMX bike successfully. While you are descending from your turn down jump, you should bend your legs back to a normal riding position. Being that your handles are rotated, you will need to turn them back 180 degrees so that they are in the proper position. Use your feet to catch your bike as it comes back around and then land.
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