BMX: How To Wallride

In BMX, wallriding is a common and simple move, but one may still find himself lost and needing to learn how to wallride.  A wallride is a very basic move that is a lot easier to do than it looks. It only takes patience, practice, will and the proper BMX bike to achieve this trick. If you have pegs on your BMX bike, it is suggested you remove them. Usually beginners tend to hit their pegs on the wall; this will stop once they are accustomed to wallriding. A wallride can be best achieved by performing it on a bank. The angle of the ground is better to get onto the wall.

When you begin this BMX trick, you want to gain some speed; the faster you go, the higher you will get on the wall. Approach the wall at the a 75 degree angle and pull up your front tire when you are about three to four feet away from the wall. Perform a small hopping motion after you lift your tire. Don't be scared, learning to wallride is fairly easy and this will seem like the hardest part. To actually ride the wall and stay on it, it is suggested you lean forward and and continue to pedal as if you were actually riding the wall. As you are coming down from the wall lean out. This BMX wallride trick will usually last about five to ten seconds in full.

The classic wallride trick is a staple in any BMX riders arsenal. This simple well known trick is a very basic trick that can be used in any situation. It is very simple to achieve and with the right mind set you will find that you will be doing it in no time at all.

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