Board Games: How To Win At Risk

If you love to play board games and want to learn how to win at "Risk," you need to understand the essence of the game. In this game, fools rush in and wage war long before they’re ready, thinking the name “Risk” invites them to do stupid things. Truth is, "Risk" is all about patient, calculated risk. Follow these instructions and you’ll not only honor the game, you’ll come out on top.

  1. Don’t move. Don’t attack during the first four or five rounds (longer if you have a lot of players). A lot of first-time players are eager to make things happen. To them, this means moving their armies the first chance they get. It feels good to be moving and doing something and it feels even better to take over a parcel of land on your first turn, but it is short-term thinking. This fails to secure the continent players are attacking from.
  2. Build armies. If you’re not attacking, the only permissible actions left to you are building or moving your armies. Choose the continent on which most of your armies were spotted at the beginning of the game and build your armies there. If you’ve spotted a territory or two that are entry points from another continent, don’t hesitate to build your armies there (more on this in step four). Building armies this way is crucial if you want to win at "Risk."
  3. Move armies. You also have the option of moving armies before you finish your turn. Moving armies is not mandatory, but it is great long-term planning. The problem is you can only move armies across adjacent territories. So, if your parcels of land are touching, feel free to move them. Again, it’s best to move your infantry on or near the entry points on each continent.
  4. Cover the vulnerable spots. The vulnerable spots are those areas on your continents where players can move from one continent to another. As you’re waiting to make a move and building armies, in the meantime make sure to build them up on these entry points. If you don’t occupy the entry points, build and move your armies to the closest territory that you occupy. By doing this, you make it harder for someone from another continent to attack you and decreases their chances of beating you if they do. It also prepares you to take control of your continents. This is important because it is the best way to build armies and almost guarantee that you cannot be defeated if attacked or attacking.
  5. Attack your continents. The best way to win at "Risk" is not to attack another continent, but rather attacking your own continent first. Send your infantry into the territories you don’t occupy. Chances are your opponents haven’t built their armies on that continent since you occupy so much of it already, leaving the rest vulnerable. Don’t stop attacking until you take their land. The only exception is to stop if your forces start getting thin. There will be another round to attack again. Spreading your forces too thin leaves you open to invasion from other players on your continent and adjacent continents.
  6. The key. The real key to win at "Risk" is conquering and holding all the territories in a continent. This entitles you to a number of extra armies you can use to build existing armies with each new turn. It is impossible to win "Risk" without this strategy as eventually someone will start occupying continents and amassing huge, unstoppable armies. Follow the first five steps above and you will be the one with the big, fearful armies.

Knowing how to win at "Risk" is all about taking stock of where you stand and growing your armies at that spot. From there, you attack those territories nearest you until you own the continent. Keep your armies guarding the entry points to each continent and you’ll stave off attack long enough to restock your forces and move on to the next continent. You’ll quickly find yourself taking over the "Risk" world!

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