Bob Marley Death

Bob Marley death conspiracies abound in the news media.  As his legendary status grew, so did the rumors.  Many people believe that Marley died from lung cancer due to his marijuana smoking. Is this true? Separate fact from fiction regarding this iconic reggae singer.

Cancer.  Bob Marley did die due to cancer.  The cancer he had is called malignant melanonoma.  When a cancerous tumor becomes malignant, it can quickly become deadly.  The malignant cells invade other tissues and travel throughout the body. The malignant tumor was found on Bob Marley’s toe after a soccer injury.  He had hurt his foot during a game and that’s when the tumor was discovered. Because Bob Marley didn’t have his malignant tumor removed, the cancer metastasized (spread) throughout his body.  The cancer was literally eating him alive, and Marley weakened and died.

Rastafarrian religion.  Some people believe that the death of Bob Marley was due to his religious beliefs.  Marley was a Rastafarian, and in the Rastafarian relgion there is a tenet that declares you shouldn’t cut yourself because it is sinful.  This idea is open to debate because the belief is from interpretations from the Bible. 

No will.  Bob Marley was only thirty six years old when he died.  Although he was married and had a number of children he had no executable will, which made it difficult to divide his assets after his death.  The reason he has no will is also assumed to have been influenced by the Rastafarian belief that there is no certainty to physical death, and holy people may live on in their physical form for eternity. 

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