Bobby Brown And Whitney Houston Abusive Relationship

Here is a quick history of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's abusive relationship. We all remember our favorite couple for having a special relationship over the years. Bobby Brown was the up front man from the boy group New Edition. He was the problem child of the group and demanded much attention. On the other hand, we had Whitney Houston, who came from a very religious and talented family. Her mother Cissy Houston was a singer as well and raised her daughter in an environment as such.

Whitney and Bobby married on July 18th 1992 after dating for about three years. That day was the start of a whirlwind of an on and off again relationship. The marriage at first seemed to be an opposites attract kind of relationship. Whitney was known as the good girl and Bobby of course was the edgy bad boy.

Almost a year later Whitney gave birth to her daughter Bobbi Khristina Houston Brown. This was Bobby Brown's fourth child. Shortly after, Bobby had several run ins with the law. Including doing some jail time. Whitney stood by her husband side through it all.  Allegations started that the both of them were engaging in drug use together. Whitney denied these allegations for years as did Bobby, although it was very hard for them to hide it.

After year of silence, Whitney decided to open up to Oprah Winfrey. Most of the things mentioned were things that were speculated already, but Whitney was very candid about the things that took place in their relationship. Whitney stated that Bobby Brown was never physically abusive to her but that he did slap her. She also mentioned that he spat on her in from of their daughter, in response she hit him over the head with a telephone. At the time he was on probation, so it was taken to court.

When asked why she stayed she said she was doing what she thought she had to do as a wife. Bobby was her drug and they were connected as such. They would fight, make up, and use drug together, but she felt that she had to stick by him as his wife regardless of what the situation was.


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