Body Language Meanings

Knowing body language meanings can help determine how someone is feeling or thinking. Ever wonder what signal the person across the room was sending you? Learn what certain body language signs are and become a better person socially.

  1. Time to argue. If a person has his arms crossed over his chest, it's a sign of defensiveness. This person is ready for an argument and will probably hold firm with his belief. Be leery of this body language and try not to provoke him.
  2. Behind you. If someone has his hands behind him, it's a sign of anger and frustration. It could also be an indication of self-control. This stance is important, especially in an office setting.
  3. Don't touch. Constant rubbing or touching of the nose is a suggestion of lying, doubt or rejection. Watch where the fingers travel. Pay close attention to each finger movement.
  4. Yawning. Whether the person is sitting with crossed and swinging legs, tilting his head for a long time or sitting with his head resting in hands, it's a direct indication of boredom. Repetition is a definite sign of boredom.  This is a very common body language most people notice.
  5. Fondling the mane. if someone is constantly playing, fondling or touching his hair, it's a hint of insecurity and low self-confidence. Knowing this body language meaning can help decide who is the quiet person of the group.
  6. Stroke it. Stroking the chin or cheek is an indication of someone in deep thought trying to make a decision. It's time to think. Leave the person in deep thought.
  7. Look away. Rubbing an eye or looking away is a sign of disbelief. For some reason, the person doesn't agree. Let him have his own opinion. This body language meaning could also be a sign of falsehood with guilt. Direct eye contact is avoided when lies are being made.
  8. Going to the chapel. Steepled fingers are a sign of authority and confidence. This person believes what is being said and has the confidence to stand behind it. It may be time to step back.
  9. Attention please. Someone standing with hands on hips is evidence of a positive person with aggression and readiness for action. Be guarded with this body language position. Don't antagonize the situation.
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