Bodybuilding Diets

The best bodybuilding diets will either allow you to gain large amounts of muscle or strip off large amounts of fat. The way you want to work out and diet depends on your own personal goals and visions.The first thing you need to do is decide what you want to look like. If you think you want to add twenty pounds of muscle, then you need to start eating a lot more and working out with low repetition high weight exercises. If you want to get ripped up and have abs and lots of definition, then you need to cut back on your calories, start doing some cardio and stick with high repetition low weight exercises. If you follow your specific bodybuilding diet without much wavering, you will definitely see results.

  1. Pure mass building. When bulking up, you will need to eat a lot of calories for your bodybuilding diet. The average human needs to eat about 2,000 calories per day to maintain body weight. You should be working out heavy while bulking up, which will cause you to burn a lot of calories. You will be much more active than the average human so you will need to eat much more in order to add mass. This means you should be eating about 3,000 to 4,000 calories per day. The amount you eat will depend on how fast you want to add mass and how active you are.
  2. Pure cutting diet. When you are trying to get ripped fast, your calorie intake will need to drop a lot for your bodybuilding diet. You will be doing high intensity workouts that burn a lot of calories, so you will need energy in the gym when working out. However, you want to make sure you eat little enough to lose enough weight to meet your goal. You can do as many situps as you want, but without a low body fat percentage, abs are impossible. Drink lots of water and eat lots of healthy carbs and protein, such as chicken, fish and brown rice. Cut out any and all carbs after dinner and stick to healthy carbs whenever possible to make this bodybuilding diet most effective.
  3. Combination diet. Most bodybuilders follow a combination of these two diets. You will want to bulk up and add mass for a couple months, and then you do a couple months of dieting and cutting. This allows your muscles to grow and become stronger if you maintain hard workouts the entire time you are dieting. After several months of working out and dieting properly, you will be much stronger, bigger and more ripped than you have ever been before. This is the optimum bodybuilding diet to follow if you plan on making a lifestyle change and do not just need a quick fix.
  4. Randomized diet. Some people like to maintain a more random pattern in order to keep their body guessing for their bodybuilding diets. You might eat 3,500 calories one day, and then only eat 1,300 calories for the next two days. The goal is to maximize your metabolism and keep your body working hard all day long to burn off fat and extra calories.



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