Bolo Tie Tips

If you are interested in wearing a bolo tie to your next event, consider these bolo tie tips first. People can be very opinionated when it comes to neckwear and the bolo tie seems to stir up more controversy than the bow tie ever did.

A bolo tie is simply neckwear made from a piece of cord that is attached at the neck with an ornamental clasp. Typically seen in the American Southwest, associated with Cowboys and Indians alike, the look is very Western.

Bolo Tie Tips to keep in mind to keep your look from slipping into a costume mode.

  1. Wear the bolo tie just like you would a long fabric tie. Tuck the slide up under the collar of your button down shirt. This can be a western style shirt, or a simple dress shirt. Normally one element of a look is all it takes, you don't need to pair the bolo tie with a western shirt, cowboy hat, boots and a vest for the look to work. In fact, keeping it simple makes more of an impact.
  2. Bolo ties are much easier to tie than a traditional tie, so the look goes together quickly. These are a fun option for young boys who balk at the idea of a tie, especially if you play up the whole cowboy and Indian theme.
  3. Design your own bolo tie using a favorite stone, carving or fossil with a kit from a craft store or online company.  Highlighting something that is special to you personally is always good information, and it applies perfectly as a bolo tie tip.
  4. The cord on a bolo tie should land 4” below your breastbone.  Typically cords are 36” to 38” long, but taller or larger people will want cords to be 40” to 42” long.
  5. Wear your bolo tie lower for a relaxed look. In fact a bolo tie could be worn over any casual shirt and have it hang more like a necklace.
  6. Fashion is fickle and there are some events that really frown on the wearing of a bolo tie. Know the situation you are walking into, or simply hold your head high and be ready to make waves if you choose to go against the grain and wear a bolo tie in lieu of a silk tie.
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