Bolt Action Paintball Gun

One of the most fun as[ects of paintball is all the different guns, such as the Bolt Action paintball gun. A player can spend hours drooling over all sorts of guns and finding out what each one is able to bring to the playing field. There are some guns that offer certain types of actions a player may be searching for, adding a realistic quality to this highly intense game.

  1. The Nelson 007 paintball gun is a bolt action paintball gun that has been around for some time. This bolt action paintball gun has been popular for both rentals and first time ownership. Early guns manufactured by the company had over 75% compatibility with their other guns. These days, not all Nelson guns come with interchangeable parts, but they do operate the same way. The action of the gun is very simple, only requiring one stroke back and one stroke forward, and then the player is able to fire. The design of the Nelson makes them very reliable and easy to work with. That's one of the biggest reasons the gun has been used so often as a rental, or suggested for first time purchases.
  2. Another bolt action paintball gun is the Synergy Equalizer. It is made to work with VL Force Loaders and Fluid paintballs for the best performance. This bolt action paintball gun has four firing modes and includes an LED light system that indicates which mode it's in and what the level of the battery charge is. This makes it ideal for a person who is new to paintball. It is a bolt action paintball gun that offers great gas efficiency and operates off of CO2 and compressed air or Nitrogen. This is a gun that is great for people that are just starting out, or for those who are looking to take their abilities to the next training level of marksmanship.
  3. Going with a custom built bolt action paintball gun may be the ideal option. There are many different companies out there that offer the ability to make a gun for the function a player may need. Punisher's Customs is an example. Here it's possible to get a bolt action paintball gun for such purposes as a sniper rifle and other possibilities. One of the major advantages of going this route is getting a gun that no one else may have. It is also a great way to get an item that is tailored to a person's specific needs and desires. A buyer will also have the opportunity to have a personal gun mechanic, meaning they'll have someone who knows all the ins and outs of their specific gun and be able to offer heaps of advice on any issues that may arise. A downside would be making sure the company has staying power and is there to back their product up for some time.
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