Bon Voyage Meaning

Whether you’ve gone on a vacation or just to a themed party, you have probably heard the term “bon voyage” and you might be asking yourself the meaning of "bon voyage." "Bon voyage" is a cheerful greeting called out to those going on vacation. It’s a word completely wrapped up in different cultures and experiences.

The term "bon voyage" comes to us from France. This French term means “have a good journey.” When people say "bon voyage" they usually say it to someone about to go on vacation or someone who is relocating to a new location for work, school or some other reason. It is a festive and cheerful way to wish someone a happy journey, and it’s generally considered good taste to bestow well wishes on those traveling.

The phrase "bon voyage" is closely linked to the sea, and it is often a wish shouted over the banister of cruise ships. When the ship is leaving the port, passengers will wave to those at the dock, and those on the dock will shout "bon voyage" back. Cruise ships often host a “Bon Voyage” party the first night the ship sets sail to celebrate the journey they are embarking on.

"Bon voyage" has become increasingly popular to use for anyone going on any sort of vacation. A "Bon Voyage" party is a cute idea for a friend who is moving to a new location as well. If you are looking to celebrate “Bon Voyage” style, create an event centered around the location they are traveling to. Have decorations that represent the country and create an international themed celebration!

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