Book Blogs

There are millions of books in the world, so there is no doubt that there are many book blogs out there, too. Book blogs are great resources for determining whether you'll find a book worth reading. Whether you want fiction, nonfiction, book excerpts, purchase information or professional reviews, you'll find some credible sources of information about books below.

  1. "Critical Mass". The title of this book blog is a play on words. Its blogger base consists of book critics from the National Book Critics Circle. You'll learn a lot of book related events, book news and professional book reviews by critics.
  2. "Books I Done Read". Book blogs can be a little stuffy and serious at times. Not this one. This funny book blog features humorous reviews of fiction and nonfiction books from almost every genre. 
  3. "Omnivoracious". This prolific book blog is maintained by Amazon's book editors. In it, you'll find all things books. This means news, reviews, author interviews, book descriptions and just about everything else. 
  4. "Book Ninja". George Murray maintains this comprehensive book blog that is based in Canada. George is a poet and a book critic. This site is well renowned throughout the world as a source of book news and reviews.
  5. "Book Slut". This very prolific book blog gets to the nitty gritty of a wide variety of books. They do a lot of author interviews so that you can see the faces behind the books. You'll also find it easy to navigate to book reviews and columns on a variety of topics.



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