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If you’re a teacher, student, or general reader, you may be searching for the best book summary websites. The Internet is home to several book summary websites and review sites, some are better than others. Here are six trusted and reliable websites to check out for yourself.

  1. BookRags. BookRags is a popular academic and research website. It features study guides, lesson plans, and other educational resources on demand. The BookRags catalog is compiled from more than 100 reference sources including Thomson Gale, a reputable publisher of resources for schools, libraries, and universities. Search for book summaries, reviews, author biographies, and bibliographies. Sign up for a free account and earn points toward free content and discounts.
  2. GetAbstract. GetAbstract, another research website, is considered the largest business book summary website. A personal subscription to the site gives you access to their database of business book summaries. An Gold Subscription, $299 per year, buys you unlimited access to the entire database. An annual Silver Subscription costs $89 and gets you limited but still valuable access.
  3. Shoovng. Shoovng is a top-rated website for reviews and summaries of all kinds. Known as “the global source for summaries and reviews,” Shoovng divides information into several sections: books summaries; Internet and technology; business and finance; arts and humanities; sciences; social sciences; medicine and health; law and politics; entertainment; lifestyle; products; society and news; travel; writing and speaking; and how to. Shoovng is a free service, and writers can earn residual income for original reviews.
  4. Amazon Books. Amazon Books is another good place to find book summaries and reviews. Users can browse millions of new books, used books, Kindle e-books, and textbooks. Each entry features publisher and pricing information, images of the book, a summary, customer reviews, and links to similar publications. Amazon is probably the best-known book summary website.
  5. “The New York Times Book Review.” More than just a book summary website, “The New York Times Book Review” is a trusted resource for book news and reviews. Search the listings for recent bestsellers in print and electronic editions. Hardcover, paperback, and children’s books are three categories represented. The Sunday edition features the popular “New York Times Best Sellers List.” A one- or two-sentence book summary follows each title.
  6. “Publishers Weekly Online.” “Publisher’s Weekly Online” is another reputable website for book summaries, book lists, and reviews. Like “The New York Times Book Review,” “Publishers Weekly” features all the latest book news, including summaries and reviews of some of the week’s hottest, most talked-about books.
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