Boombox Car Noise Laws In Alabama

The boombox car noise laws in Alabama consist of a noise ordinance prohibiting noise coming from loud car stereos. The thumping noise coming from boombox car stereos in the Alabama State has become a societal problem. This prompted the city council to pass on a local ordinance banning loud car stereos or boombox car noise within its city of jurisdiction.

The purpose of the ordinance is to promote, protect, and preserve health, safety, welfare, and peace and quiet for all the citizens in Alabama. This is attainable through reduction and control of excessive noise that can cause public disruption and unnecessary noise coming from car stereos, now popularly known as boom box. The noise ordinance in Alabama will help prevent and eliminate excessive vehicle noise in the community. The boombox car noise law also includes stereos, radios, television and similar devices producing noise that can disturb public peace, quiet and comfort. Boombox sounds coming from parties or any events are prohibited as well.

The boombox car noise law grants the Alabama police officers to ticket violators of the said noise ordinance. The police officers, being the noise control officers, undergo an instrument operating training to learn how to operate the specific equipment that will measure sound levels in public places. Section 12-297 of the city ordinance on sound amplification system stipulates a prohibition of producing sounds that are audible 25 feet from the sound system. No distinction is made between moving and parked vehicles. The mere possession of the sound amplification system, boom box included, will suffice as a prima facie evidence that signifies a person to have operated such system.

The implementation of boombox car noise law in Alabama is also in line with the government thrust to promote a noise-free environment among Americans. The local car noise ordinances in various cities in Alabama are in support with the Noise Control Act of 1972 as a national policy to promote a healthy and noise-free environment in America. The Act was in response to the rising noise problems coming from amplified stereo systems known as boom cars that emit 120 decibels sound that can be equivalent to the sound from a rock concert. Tolerable noise should not exceed 80 decibels.

There are corresponding penalties in violation of the boombox car noise law in Alabama. A maximum of $500 civil penalty is imposed with a waiver fee of $50, $70, and $100 for the first, second, and third offense respectively.

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