Booty Shaking Videos

They may be fun, they may be controversial, but where would the music world be without booty shaking videos? Yes, there are some that will say that they are sexist and without merit,  but we tend to think of them more in the terms of celebrating dance and the female art form.  Here are some of the best "shake yo booty" videos out there.

  1. "Baby got Back" – Sir Mix-a-Lot – Was there any doubt that this would top the list? Not only is the whole song devoted to the booty, but the video showcases how just how a booty should be shaken and what constitutes a booty in the first place. Or something. Anyways, we just like big butts. And we cannot lie.
  2. “Rump Shaker” – Wrex N Effect – This video starts out innocuously enough, with a bikini-clad girl playing sax on the beach.  But after that, it's all business baby with plenty of booty to shake.  And with lyrics like "a wiggle and a jiggle to make the night complete", you know what you're getting into. Some serious rump shaking, that’s what.
  3. “Shake Ya Ass” – Mystikal – Even those not blessed with big bottoms still try and shake the little they've got when they hear this song. The video shows many comely lasses emulating the title of the song, which is what good booty shaking is all about. While most stations play the edited version entitled "Shake it Fast", we all know what the real lyrics are. And we be shaking that booty.
  4. "The Thong Song" – SisqoThe thong represents the best, and the worst of the booty. Thongs are a great showcase for those with perfect bottoms, still, there are some that….well….you've seen them. Luckily, Sisqo only had those worthy of wearing thongs appear in this video from 2000. With catchy lyrics, a bikini theme and a whole lot of shaking, it's hard to sit still when this video is on.
  5. "Da Butt" – E. U. – Call it one of the original booty shaker song/video. Even guys were "doing the butt" when this video was popular. While the video may have been a little more 'innocent' than the modern booty shaking fare with most of the girls actually wearing clothing, it was still just as much fun.
  6. "Harlem Shake" – Baauer – It's an internet meme that just won't stop.  It all starts with a single brave sole, then when the music drops get ready for the fun. People all over the internet are making their own versions of the original Harlem Shake video by Filthy_Frank. 
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