Borderlands Achievements

Currently, there are 172 "Borderlands" achievements you can score. Some of the achievements aren’t much to brag about but others hold some solid bragging rights. "Borderlands" is a wild ride and a pretty intense game. Hitting some of these achievements is quite the, well, achievement. Check out these top five "Borderlands" achievements that you can earn and brag to your friends or anyone who will listen to you on Xbox Live.

  1. Muerte la robo-lución: A special achievement that grants the highest points available for a "Borderlands" achievement. This is one achievement you can bet isn’t common among players. It's difficult to obtain and will send most on to the next achievement. It takes skill, perseverance and a knack for the game. To obtain this prize you must defeat the INAC and if you are a player of the game then you know the dread that awaits you.
  2. Ding! Champion: What better achievement than to be a game champion? This achievement shows your wares and ability to beat the game. Longevity here is key, grants higher experience to those with this badge. This is a great bragging point to beat the hardest levels and maintain your exceptional rating.
  3. Vincible: As in invincible. This achievement is granted by killing Crawmerax the Invincible. This achievement is near impossible but you can totally pull it off. Knowing the right weapon to use is a plus in addition being skilled at "Borderlands" doesn’t hurt. With this achievement you can truly brag about being the best in the game. This is a difficult, near impossible but a definite achievable achievement for the "Borderlands" master. Wear this badge with honor.
  4. Sneaky Little Buggers: This is a fun "Borderlands" achievement to pin down. You simply need to kill the loot midgets. These are the pesky thieves that sometimes hide in various lootable props in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. They're easy to spot as they jump out and try and steal your loot. Simply kill them off and move to the next one. Kill enough and you will be granted this fun little achievement.
  5. Bobble-Trap: Here is one just for fun. Collect fifteen claptrap bobbleheads located in various places throughout the game. It is a fun scavenger hunt that can turn frustrating should you forget to hunt and find them. There are cheats available to help you along if you find you are getting lost. It pays a handsome 25 points as well—every point helps to the current 1750 max.



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