Borderlands Cheats PS3

"Borderlands" cheats for the PS3 help gamers battle through the perilous landscape of Pandora in search of fame and fortune in the mythical Vault. The Siren, Berserker, Soldier and Hunter are the bravest ones to venture out and seek the sacred loot by any mean necessary. Bandits and creatures, both big and small, populate the harsh terrain of Pandora, so cheats can help increase the odds of survival against numerous adversaries. The money is as plentiful as the bullets and guns in "Borderlands," and PS3 gamers will need both in order to find leads to the mysterious Vault. PS3's "Borderlands" provides gamers with endless running and gunning throughout the glorious hybrid of a role playing game and first person shooter.

  1. Earn Cash and Experience at the Beginning. At the very start of the game, follow the Claptrap all the way to the area with the flaming tires. Grab all the loot, money and take out all the maniacs. Pause and quit the game then start at the beginning with the experience and loot intact without having to collect everything all over again. Repeat this process as much as you like to gain tons of cash and experience to level up to take on any menace in Pandora.
  2. New Haven Loot Loop. Venture out to New Haven in "Borderlands" and save the game near the post where Scooter's garage is at. There are five chests with awesome loot for gamers to collect, four of which are located on rooftops of the town. Grab all the loot, pause and quit the game with all the sweet loot to use or sell. Repeat this process in order to gain maximum amount of loot and cash to buy awesome gear from the vending machines in town so you can wipe away the lunatics across Pandora.
  3. Reload Trick. There is a trick in order to reload quickly with the weapon on hand to save your skin from the gun-toting psychos. When your character reloads the weapon and pulls out the wasted clip, use the melee attack by pressing R3 (Right Analog). The gun will be reloaded without waiting for your character to finish reloading, so now the gun is ready to spray death upon the enemy.



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