Bosu Ball Exercises

There are a lot of exercises that can be done using the unique BOSU ball and these BOSU ball exercises will help tone your lower body. BOSU is an acronym that stands for "Both Sides Utilized." It is technically a ball-shaped device used to enhance the fitness needs of athletes for long-term results. The exercise ball is made of two sides, one of which is completely flattened while the other is a ball-like structure cut in half.

  1. Plank Up This regime is an efficient exercise routine that uses the BOSU ball to the potential it offers. What an athlete needs to do is simple: Rest yourself on the ball, allowing the flat structure to plank up, building muscle stamina and endurance. Because of its advantages before a match, many coaches now recommend the BOSU ball to their players on the eve of a match to stay fit.
  1. Crunches BOSU balls are also good crunch builders. Lie down with the ball near you, begin crunching your abdomen onto the ball and pull up with your ab muscles. This workout will strengthen the abs. This is a long-term but highly versatile ab building therapy with no harmful results.
  1. Push-ups Athletes can also benefit by being able to perform their regular pushups on the BOSU ball. You must use the BOSU ball as support and begin squeezing the ball so you gain momentum that can thrust your body forward so that your chest meets the BOSU ball. Thus, push-up maneuvers are also completed and overall shoulder and abs strengthening can be achieved.
  1. Squats In case you are in a dilemma whether to use the BOSU ball for broadening your legs or not, stay assured as BOSU balls can work out well for the legs, too. Squats are the best exercises that can be performed using BOSU balls. By keeping the ball to the ground firmly attached, you can squat up and down and continue this exercise until you are satisfied with your hamstring muscle toning. Squats are best performed with a BOSU ball.
  1. Leg Scissors For exercises that govern the back end of the body, the leg scissor pose is the best that can be done with the BOSU ball. Keep your legs bent or straight enough and keep pushing yourself against the leg movement in cross movements like scissors. Hence, this workout is named leg scissors.



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