Bow Wow Tattoos

if you look closely, Bow Wow's tattoos provide fans some insight about the artist's personal inspirations. Bow Wow is a rapper and actor who's real name is Shad Gregory Moss. He has a collection of tattoos mostly on his shoulders, chest and his arms. What makes Bow Wow's tattoo style stand out a bit is the fact that he only uses three parts of his body as canvas. Only time will tell if Bow Wow goes beyond the top half of his body.

  1. Clowning around. Bow Wow has a tattoo of a clown on his left arm. A large clown as a matter of fact. It's not known exactly why he chose to get a clown and on an obvious area. A clown is not your typical tattoo for a rapper, so you have to give Bow Wow a little credit for being unique.
  2. Collection of tattoos. He also has a tattoo of the letter "B" on his left arm, a bag of money, and many other tattoos. Bow Wow has a heart – shaped symbol type design on one of his arms and at least a few other arm tattoos, but it's not completely known what all the tattoos are.
  3. Right arm tattoos. Bow Wow has just as many tattoos on his right arm as on his left. He has a skull, a rose, the praying hands of Jesus, a paw print and that is not all. He has many others. Bow Wow probably has some other tattoos that most people aren't aware of because you can't see them in photos, on stage or on TV.
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