Bowling Approach Techniques

When it comes to bowling approach techniques, so many details come into play. Every bowler has his own technique, but it is best to do what feels most natural for you, so long as you aren't breaking any rules. Below is a list of things to consider.

  1. Pick up your ball the proper way. In serious bowling, there is a right way and a wrong way to pick up your bowling ball. You will never see pros or your better league bowlers picking up their ball by first sticking their bowling fingers into the ball's holes. Instead, you should lift your ball up, holding it under your arm until you step onto the lane. Only once you're on the lane should you insert your fingers into the ball. You get a better grip when you use this technique.
  2. Hold the ball wherever it feels comfortable as you set up to walk down the lane. Again, this aspect is all up to the individual bowler. If you find that the lanes are a bit drier, you might consider holding your ball up slightly higher than usual. This will give you more ball speed and momentum, and a better hit into the pocket. Conversely, if the lanes are quite oily, you may want to hold the ball slightly lower so that your ball will travel at a slower speed and have more time to hook or back up (if you throw a straight ball, disregard these tips).
  3. Take a number of steps that feel most natural to you. As you walk down the lane, you will take a certain number of steps before you swing your arm back until you release your bowling ball. This is a bowling approach technique that is vital to the sport of bowling. If it feels best to take five steps, don't try to shorten your steps to four. This could throw off your game immensely, and it will make you feel as though you have to relearn how to bowl.
  4. Keep aware of your arm swing. You should follow through with your arm swing, bringing your arm as far back as you can without fear of injury. Some bowlers have a high back swing, while others shorten their arms upon release. This will have a big effect on your ball's reaction as it rolls toward the pins. Don't chicken wing your arm (keeping it bent upon ball release), as this will have a negative effect on ball reaction, and you will lose control.
  5. Focus on the arrows on the lane at your release. Most good bowlers focus their eyes on a spot on the lane, usually the arrows or dots that distinguish the individual floorboards of the lane. Your bowling league's highest scorers and members with higher averages will be most likely to use this approach technique. Placing your ball on the arrow that is your focus is almost sure to give you a better hit than eyeing the pins does. This is due to the fact that the arrows are much closer to you than the pins, which are 60 feet away.
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