Bowling Ball Equipment Essentials For Beginners

Bowling ball equipment essentials for beginners can be a very narrow list. As a bowling beginner you way want to consider using all house products, until you are comfortable with the sport. However, bowling is a great and fun sport that most anyone can enjoy. This article will look at some basic needs for bowers and recommend the bare minimums. What you purchase for your bowling habit is up to you.

  1. Bowling Ball: As a beginner you may opt for a house ball or you may chose to purchase your own ball. There are many styles of balls but as a beginner consider something simple, with an easy grip and simple to throw. Many bowling balls get into dynamics in manufacturing and finger hole drilling with offset weight for the style of bowling. Keep the ball basic and simple and these types of bowling balls are available from all the major manufacturers.
  2. Bowling Ball Bag: If you are going to purchase a bowling ball then you need a bag. Look for simple nylon or canvas construction bags that will accommodate a bowling ball and bowling shoes. Additional storage for things such as band aids and a towel would be nice to have in a bag as well. The essential for beginner bowlers is a really inexpensive piece of gear and can be found at sports store, specialty shops, online and even thrift shops.
  3. Bowling Shoes: This may be your most expensive piece of beginner essentials (again you can grab house shoes). You want to get a good pair of bowling shoes. Bowling shoes are what help the bowler glide across the lane when delivering the bowling ball. Beginning bowlers need to ensure these shoes fit properly, are comfortable and allow the feet to breath. This is one beginning essential that can follow you throughout your years of bowling. So, hit a pro shop at a bowling alley for this essential to make sure you get something suitable.
  4. Other Things to Consider: Other beginner bowling essentials to consider would be a kitchen towel to with the oil off the hands and ball. Think about band aids or fake skin to cover any tears your skin may experience from bowling. Experienced bowlers have built calluses on their thumbs from the simple motion of bowling and the movement of the thumb from the ball. Finally, small bag of rosin to help keep things dry from sweat or humidity in the bowling alley.
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