Bowling Basics For Beginners

Bowling basics for beginners are the most important things to know about bowling. Once you understand these basics, run on over to your local bowling alley, and start practicing! Master the bowling basics for beginners and your score will go higher and higher.

The right bowling equipment can be purchased or rented. Just wear a regular, comfortable shirt and pants that you can move in. First, beginners need to find the right weight bowling ball, from 8 to 16 pounds. Choose one that is as heavy as you can control. Larger beginners need a larger ball, and smaller bowlers need a smaller ball. The finger holes need to be a comfortable size for you too. Rent or buy bowling shoes. They have one sliding sole on one foot, and a rubber tipped gripping sole on the other.

The bowling lane includes an approach; a foul line; the lane; and the deck, where the ten pins are. On either side of the lane, lies a depressed gutter, which you need to keep your bowling ball away from. Cool features include the automatic pinsetter that sets up the pins again for the next bowler, and the automatic ball return, that sends your ball back to you under the boards from the deck.

Bowling basics for beginners definitely includes the rules! The object of the game is to knock over all ten bowling pins in each of 10 frames. Keep your feet behind the foul line at the approach. Then, you can bowl two balls per frame. If you knock over all ten pins in the last frame, you get to bowl one more ball as a bonus. Cool, huh? The very highest score possible is a 300, but unless a miracle occurs, someone learning bowling basics for beginners will wait to earn a high score like that.

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