Bowling Supplies

There are several varieties of bowling supplies that a bowler can have. These are items aside form the obvious necessities like a bowling ball, shoes and bag. These supplies are accessories to assist the bowler in being a complete competitor. This article will bring you some of those supplies needed for bowling and give a little advice on application as well.

  1. Resin Grip Bag: This little bag of resin will help the bowler keep his hands dry. Primarily used on the thumb and finger or in the bowling ball finger holes, the resin bag is a powdery substance with drying properties. Not to be confused with talc, resin in non-slick and dries without residue.
  2. See-Saw Bowling Ball Bag: This nifty little bag holds your bowling ball and has two handles that allow you to see-saw or roll your ball back and forth. The cloth back cleans the bowling ball much like wiping it with a towel but is quicker and provides a more efficient cleaning method. Simply place the bowling ball in the See-Saw bag, work it back and forth and them place it in your bag.
  3. Grip Tape: This tape has two useful functions. One it can support your grip in the bowling ball in lieu of re-drilling or buying a new bowling ball. It can also be used to cover up sores or cuts on the thumb and fingers of your bowling hand. Grip tape comes in various colors and sizes but having scissors handy is a good idea so you can fashion the tape to the size you need.
  4. Bowling Shoe Covers: These handy slip-ons cover the bottom of the bowling shoe for those times when you need to step away from the alley. Hitting the bar for a beer, the concessions for a burger or the restroom can put moisture or grit on the bottom of the bowling shoes. This is deadly for a bowler because this will either cause you to slip or stick to the alley. This of course will alter your throwing motion and delivery and can cause injury.
  5. Ball Cleaner Spray: This handy spray will remove all oil and build-up from your bowling ball. Comes in a small bottle so it is easy to carry and only requires a spall spritz to clean your bowling ball up nicely. It cuts through the grit and oil and puts a fine shine on the bowling ball and helps to ready for the next round of bowling.
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