Boxers vs. Briefs

For many men, the dilemma of boxers vs. briefs can be somewhat of a nuisance.  Long gone are the days when this decisions did not matter and you could just wear whatever mom would buy.  The decision between boxers vs. briefs needs time and a little bit of trial and error.

The most important thing to keep in mind when making a decision between boxers and briefs is the level of comfort for the person making the decision.  To put it simply, some people find boxers to be very comfortable while others find briefs more comfortable.  The only way to determine which is more comfortable for a specific person is to try both and see which one works out better.

A third available option is also available which can either complicate the boxers vs. briefs decision or make it that much easier.  For those people that cannot make up their mind, there is something called a boxer brief that brings a little of both worlds.  These are similar to boxers, because they have the length of boxers, but they are also similar to briefs, because they fit tightly like them.  For some, the boxer brief is the perfect marriage between the boxer and brief.

So what is the best way to go about making a decision?  For most men, preferring one drastically over the other is obvious from the moment you put on a pair of boxers or briefs. Most people have tried both and made a decision based on which one was more comfortable. It is also not uncommon to teeter on both.  While some situations call for boxers, other situations call for briefs. Athletic activities sometimes need the additional support of briefs while other situations might gain from the freedom of boxers.

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