Brad Pitt Affair With Nanny

The headlines screamed, "Brad Pitt Affair with Nanny!" The Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Hollywood couple has been the most popular one for some time now. Whether it was when he split from Jennifer Aniston or when they adopted their first child together, they seem to always be in the headlines. This time is no different. The couple was alleged to have been having problems and the cause of the problem is their nanny.

Rumor has it that Angelina caught Brad Pitt and the kids hot nanny getting a little too close for comfort in their home. What seems to have caused this friction in their relationship was when Angelina walked in on Brad giving the nanny a back massage. This was enough to send Angelina into a fury and caused her to go off on the both of them. Angelina fired the nanny right away, no questions asked. She then jumped in Brad Pitt's face and told him what she thought of him as well.

The two have been spoken about as the sexiest Hollywood couple. We would never think that Brad Pitt had a reason to step out on Angelina because they seem to have so much fire and passion in their relationship. Maybe that was just a cover up, but something has caused Brad to have eyes for someone other than his hot mate, Angelina Jolie. Whatever that reason is it also has him sleeping alone at night. Reports state that Angelina has Brad Pitt sleeping far from her bed; it is a good thing that they have such a big home.

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