Is Brad Pitt Still In Love With Jennifer Aniston?

Is Brad Pitt Still in love with Jennifer Aniston? That is the question that has all of us wondering since their 2005 split. They seemed to have the perfect relationship. The split and cheating scandal was a shocker for all of us.

Even though it has been about half a decade since their split it seems that Brad Pitt is still in love with Jennifer Anniston. Well, according to his mother he is still in love with Jen. "Brad still loves you," said Brad Pitts' mother Jane to Jennifer Anniston at a gathering. It seems that Brad Pitts' mother and Jennifer Anniston still keep a close relationship and are fond of each other. It seems that Jane just can't take the break up of Jen and Brad. She even made excuses for Brad's infidelity. She stated that Brad was afraid of commitment and he was shattered when he and Jennifer Anniston weren't successful at conceiving children.

Since we all know that Brad Pitt is still in love with Jennifer, then we wonder how she feels about him. We are sure she is still in love in Brad as well and felt a source of assurance after hearing the confession from his mother. There's hope that Jen and Brad can someday rekindle their love for one another. That's if Brad decides on what he really wants next time around. Even though he has a relationship with Angelina, you can't keep true love away forever. That's if Jennifer Anniston is willing to give him another chance.

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