Brad Pitt Troy Workout And Diet

Tired of your old body and wanting to try the Brad Pitt "Troy" workout and diet? If you are sure that you are Achilles inspired, then you are ready to take on this workout and diet routine. The Brad Pitt "Troy" workout and diet is a combination of a workout routine and a meal plan diet to get that perfect body of Brad Pitt as seen in the film "Troy."

For The Workout, You will need:

  • Barbell
  • Exercise mat
  • Seated Pulley Machine
  • Bench
  1. Inclined bench press. Lying squarely against an inclined bench, start with a wide grip for the barbell and slowly press down towards the chest area keeping the elbows away from the body. Then, extend the arms up until the full extension of the arms. Do six sets of six to ten reps.
  2. Seated pulley. Start by grabbing the handle of the pulley. The legs should be slightly bent and the arms straight while holding the pulley. While the torso is leaning backward on a bench with a back support, pull the handle towards your side. This would mean bent arms by the side of your body. Go back to the starting position. Repeat six times for six repetitions and then progress up to 10 repetitions.
  3. Squats. This Brad Pitt "Troy" workout exercises the legs. Start in the standing position then slowly bend the knees with the heels slightly going up. Bring the arms straight forward. You may use barbells or dumbbells for added weight.
  4. Barbell curls and barbell press. In this Brad Pitt Troy workout, you will exercise the biceps and triceps with the use of a barbell. Hold the barbells in front of you on the floor with the chest out and head up. Bring the barbell up to the chest area, sometimes reaching the chin area of the face. Press may be done standing up with both the barbell and the arms up over the head while keeping the elbows close to the head.

For The Diet, You Will Need:

  • Egg Whites
  • Oatmeal
  • Canned Tuna
  • Chicken, FIsh, or any lean protein meat
  • Brown Rice
  • Vegetables
  • Protein Bars or Shakes
  1. The Brad Pitt "Troy" diet is a high protein and low carbohydrate plan. This means keeping the protein high to make sure that the muscles would develop while cutting back the carbohydrates to keep the fats out.
  2. The Brad Pitt Troy Workout and Diet Meal Plan.The meal plan includes a breakfast consisting of egg whites and oatmeal. A canned tuna would be served as a mid-morning snack. Lunch will involve foods high in protein like chicken served with brown rice and vegetables. A protein bar or shake are best for mid-afternoon snacks and finally grilled fish or chicken is served with vegetable.
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