Bradley Cooper Workout

The Bradley Cooper Workout made heads turn when viewers saw Bradley Cooper’s well-developed physique, especially his ripped abs, in "The A-Team" remake in 2010. Brad was equally impressed with how gorgeous he looked when he saw himself in the movie and even thought that his body was digitally pasted on a model body. It is no wonder then that a lot of guys are asking how Cooper pulled this off.

  1. “3-2-1” Routine – Bradley Cooper was assisted by fitness trainer Ramona Braganza in developing what is known as the “3-2-1” routine. It is composed of three cardio, two strength training, and one core exercises. Each circuit lasted for 10 minutes for a total of 60 minutes for the whole 3-2-1 routine. Some say that Cooper would sometimes double this routine for maximum results.
  2. The Cardio Circuit starts off the whole workout routine. The cardio exercises can be a choice from distance running, treadmill, rowing, stairmaster, jumping rope, or elliptical machine. These exercises helped Bradley Cooper’s body burn off excess calories for a well-toned general physique.
  3. The Strength Training circuits can be any exercise that involves as many muscle groups and joints as possible. Bradley Cooper’s workout exercises include squats, dead lifts, bench press, pushups, pull ups, or push press. The first strength training exercise can focus on the upper limbs while the second exercise can focus on the lower limbs.
  4. Core Muscles Training is the last set of exercises that the Bradley Cooper workout focuses on, such as crunches, French twists, v-ups, or planks. Being the last exercise makes it tougher because the body is already tired from the first five exercises. However, this makes sure that the abs are primed for exercise and if done correctly, can surely lead to more visible and tighter abs.
  5. Bradley Cooper’s Diet is equally important with the workout. It is said that during his six months of training, his diet was almost devoid of salt, sugar, flour and alcohol. Avoiding alcohol made sure he was almost on time for his workouts (by not getting drunk) while reducing carbohydrates resulted in increased insulin sensitivity, which in turn helped in building muscle tissue and burning fat.
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