Brands Of Vodka: 5 Best

What are the 5 best brands of Vodka? Ah, Vodka. It brings so much happiness to alcoholics worldwide. Originally created from potatoes in Russia for medicinal purposes, nowadays vodka is distilled from wheat, rye, or barley. It is the base for a vast multitude of mixed drinks created to do one thing… Keeping the masses in joyous and tasty intoxication. With so many brands of vodka, how does one choose? Let me tell you, research for this particular piece was rather enjoyable. So here they are, the five best brands of vodka. 

  1. Absolut.  Absolut is a Swedish based winter wheat brand of vodka. This alcoholic's best friend makes up a huge 40% of the imported Vodka's sent to the United States for a good reason. A trade mark of all Vodkas is that warm feeling it causes as it goes down. Many times, vodkas can leave a burning sensation in your throat. Unlike a lot of other brands of vodka, however, Absolut goes down very smooth. It creates the warming feeling without the pesky after effects that make you want a lozenge. 
  2. Level. Think of this brand of vodka like the rich cousin to Absolut. Level is actually a premium brand of Vodka released by the makers of Absolut in 2004. The double distilling process used to create Level gets rid of any extra byproducts that may effect the taste and smell of the vodka. If Absolut is smooth, then Level is the James Bond of the vodka brands. It's like drinking water with a kick. 
  3. Effen. Effen is definitely one of the smoothest brands of vodka on the market. Are you seeing a theme here? The smoother the vodka, the better. The trick is to be able to incorporate the vodka into a mixed drink without you noticing pesky little things about the vodka. You don't want the taste the ethanol alcohol or the burning feel of the vodka to overwhelm the drink. Drinking Effen based mixed drinks is like drinking the mixer without the vodka. Until, of course you feel that warm buzz kick in.
  4. Belvedere. This brand of vodka is so famous that it's made guest appearances in R and B songs as well as rap tracks. This premium brand of vodka is created by using a 600 year old handcrafting technique. It's only made in small batches to ensure a certain level of quality, and is distilled four different times. It's like drinking the gold of the vodka brands.  
  5. Grey Goose. Ah, the Grey Goose. This French winter wheat creation was specifically made to be marketed to Americans. A vodka so good, so smooth, that Level was created to compete against it. It's smooth enough to drink straight up. Most times mixers are added to down play the taste of a vodka. This vodka enhances the ingredients added to it to make a mixed drink. It's easily one of the best brands of vodka on the market today. 


Effen Vodka

Grey Goose

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