Brantley Gilbert Songs

Brantley Gilbert songs are country songs that speak right to the heart. He sings about crazy girls, crazy parties and just the utter craziness of life. He's destined for big things in country music. And he'll get their with his memorable songs.

  1. "My Kind Of Crazy". The Brantley Gilbert song speaks of girl that plays games with his heart. However, she's just too cute to get on his last nerve. There's good crazy, and bad crazy. This girl is the good kind.
  2. "My Kinda Party". This Brantley Gilbert song is the title track to Jason Aldean's latest album. And just what is his kind of party? It's one where "some Skynyrd and some old Hank" music is playing. In other words, it's a country party.
  3. "Dirt Road Anthem". "Dirt Road Anthem" is another Brantley Gilbert song that made it to a Jason Aldean album. This is a song about driving along dirt roads. "Smoke rollin' out the window/An ice cold beer sittin' in the console". It's a country roads song, not any city tune.
  4. "Kick It In The Sticks". Brantley Gilbert loves to sing about country life. This song speaks about enjoying the great outdoors. The video shows him riding ATVs with his buddies.
  5. "Take It Outside". Boys will be boys. Boys like to prove their men by fighting. This Brantley Gilbert song talks about taking it outside and fighting.
  6. "A Modern Day Prodigal Son". The Prodigal is a Bible story about a guy that leaves home to live the good life. But he loses everything and returns home. In this song, Brantley Gilbert puts that age old story into the Modern South.
  7. "Country Must Be Country Wide". Brantley Gilbert stretches the boundaries of country music with his rocking take on the style. Therefore, it's not surprising that he writes a song about how these boundaries are stretched. In his opinion, the rock he adds to country is perfectly natural.
  8. "Play Me That Song". Nobody knows the power of a song better than a songwriter. In this Brantley Gilbert song, the character in it begs to be played the song that expresses his emotions better than he can. Of course, Brantley Gilbert also wrote the song so he probably doesn't have that problem.
  9. "Freshman Year". Country songwriters love to look back on their high school days. Brantley Gilbert is no exception. In this song, he relives that important year of his life.
  10. "What's Left Of A Small Town". Not every country songwriter comes from a small town. If you listen to country radio, however, you might think that's the case. This is Brantley Gilbert's song about a small town that's changing — and for the worse — through time.
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