Braxton Hicks Symptoms

Before the mother of your baby goes into labor, she might experience false labor, which is otherwise known as Braxton Hicks symptoms. Although Braxton Hicks symptoms mimic labor, they are actually nature’s way of preparing the body for the main event, so before you panic, learn the symptoms of Braxton Hicks. 

  1. Tight Feeling in Abdomen: Braxton Hicks contractions create a tight feeling in the abdomen, usually restricted to the belly and groin area, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center website. Although these Braxton Hicks symptoms differ from true labor—when expectant mothers feel contractions in their backs as well as their pelvises—the pain can be intense enough to disrupt sleep.
  2. Irregular Cramping: One unmistakable sign of Braxton Hicks or “false labor” is that the contractions strike irregularly. The cramps strike with no predictable pattern and the intervals between contractions never shorten as they do with true labor  Likewise, Braxton Hicks contractions might weaken over time or maintain the same intensity, advises the WebMD website.
  3. Movement Spells Relief: If the contractions stop when walking or changing positions, it is a classic case of Braxton Hicks. By contrast, true labor contractions will not stop because the mother takes a walk or shifts positions. Even still, Braxton Hicks symptoms can last for hours at a stretch.


  • While Braxton Hicks symptoms are a natural part of pregnancy, pain or contractions could signal that something is wrong with mother or baby. Always seek the advice of a medical professional if you are in doubt.


  • If Braxton Hicks symptoms cause discomfort, warm baths, walks and plenty of rest will help.
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